Plants and compost

Seasonal Plants 

We sell pansies and polyanthus during the winter and spring.  We have primroses available during March and April.  

During the summer we have a variety of bedding plants and baskets plants. 

We will have plug plants available from the middle of March if you wish to grow your own on.  Potted basket plants will be available from April onwards. 

We sell hanging baskets, which can be ordered as new baskets or refills.  We are happy to make baskets to order to suit your tastes.

We are also happy to refill baskets or planters that you have supplied yourselves.

spring bee pot
spring bee trough
spring meadow bowl 2
spring meadow bowl
yellow pansies
pansy freefall
mixed pansy freefall
mixed pansies
filled winter green pot
Tulip united states
tulip czaar peter
tulip united states open
Tulip Concerto open
Polyanthus pansies
tulip red and yellow
geranium anthony
calibrachoa chameleon atomic orange
calibrachoa peach red centre
begonia fragrant falls
bacopa secrets xxl white
bacopa secrets xxl blue delight
Tumbleine cherry ripple
tumbleina bella
tumbleina francesca
tumbleina inga
tumbleina damson ripple
tumbleina maria
gazania totonaca
surfinia giant purpl
surfinia vein blue
surfinia purple
surfinia heavenly blue
surfinia hot red
surfinia blue
geranium zonal fireworks pink
geranium zonal calais
lysimachia gold
surfinia hot salmon
geranium ivy leaf mexicanerin
geranium zonal fireworks scarlet
calibrachoa kali mega pink
calibrachoa candy shop candy crush
hangng basket 13
hanging basket 6
hanging basket 3
hanging basket 11
hanging basket 5
hanging basket 13
hanging basket 12
hanging basket 16
hanging basket 14
hanging basket 2
hanging basket 10
hanging basket 8
hanging basket 9

Shrubs and Perennials

buddleja buzz velvet1
penestom laura
penestom 3
penestom laura 1
penestom 2
Nepeta Walkers Low
campanula pritchard's variety
Leucanthemum white mountain
geranium 5
geranium 4
geranium 3
Agapanthus lapis lazuli 1
geranium 1
geranium 2
aquilegia william guiness
achillea coronation gold
penstemon 2
penestom 1
astilbe 3
astilbe 1
astilbe 2
Symphytum hidcote blue
papaver brillant
clematis pink fantasy
white camellia
red camellia
several camellias
shrub view 2
new shrub view


anenome harmony double scarlet
yellow polyanthus
dark pink lewisia
arabis snowcap
arabis spring charm
aubretia audrey blue shades
aubrieta audrey red
denticulata red
dark pink lewisia
primula denticulata lilac
primula veris
primula hybrids
primula denticulata lilac
primula denticulata red
primula denticulata red 3
primula denticulata red 2
aubrieta audrey red
aubrieta blue shades
Arabis Snowcap
aquilegia cameo mix
aquilegoa cameo mix 2
new alpine view


Humax orginal peat free
Humax orginal
sylvagrow with john innes
Melcourt soil improver
sylvagrow multi purpose
sylvagrow ericaceous compost
Melcourt fine composted bark
sylvagrow growbags
rhododendron hybrid germania
Lonicera Strawberries and Cream
Hebe eye catcher
Eryingium Jos Eijking
Heuchera Electric Lime
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow
Leucothoe Hokus Pokus
Choisya Terranata
syringa lila wonder
Brunnera Sea Heart
choisya sundance
Buddleija Buzz Ivory
Aster Monch
Carex Evergold
Carex Everest
Hebe Great Orme
Festuca Eilijah Blue
Wisteria Black Dragon
Wisteria Royal Purple
lonicera halliana
lonicera copper beauty
Lonicera Winter Beauty
Hydrangea 1
Hosta 1
Hosta 2
hydrangea 4
hydrangea 3
Ilex Convexed Gold
Hosta 4
Hosta 3
hydrangea 5
ceanothus concha
ceanothus snow flurries
Buddleja Buzz Velvet 2
ceanothus skylark
leucanthemum little muffet
sedum ver jameson
lobelia pink elephant
geranium sanguineum
campanula monica's dream
vinca minor atropurpurea
salvia pink beauty
geum emory quinn
aquilegia nora barlow
aster monch
aster jenny
astilbe weisse gloria
vinca minor gertrude jekyll
salvia hot lips
achillea summerwine
campanula wortham belle
salvia amethyst lips
campanula loddon anna
bergenia kerstin
achillea fanal
pinky hellebore
agastache rugoa alabaster
pinkwhite hellebore
pink purple hellebore
Hebe Marjorie
aster herbstschnee
white green hellebore
achillea inca gold
photinia little red robin
new horizon growbag
heathers 2
viburnum tinus
vinca minor alba
vinca minor 2
viburnum kilimandjaro sunrose
vinca minor tricolour
speckled heelbore
leucothoe curly red
green hellebore

We have a variety of shrubs and perennials available all year round. If we do not currently have a plant in stock, ask us and we may be able to obtain it for you.

Peter has over 45 years of experience in the horticultural trade so can offer advice if needed. 

thyne doone valley
thyme aureo
thyme foxley
thyme faustini


Tulip united states
tulip czaar peter
tulip united states open
Tulip Concerto open
tulip concerto
perennial spring pot
hyacinth pot
hyacinth pot 3
hyacinth po 2
hyacinth pot
tulip red and yellow


We sell Humax Multipurpose and Humax Original Compost. We also Melcourt Sylvagrow compost and growbags which are both peat free compost.  We only sell quality compost that we use to grow in ourselves. The Melcourt Sylvagrow range is vegan friendly compost.


raspberry summer lovers patio red
Raspberry mailing promise
logan berry thornless logan
gooseberry gul
blackberry black satin

During December we make our own holly wreaths.  These are available to purchase from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve.  We are happy to take orders for collection on specific dates. Orders can be placed from November onwards. 

Holly Wreaths